museumofmodernerotica said: Maybe this is a crazy question, but how did Europeans know what Africans looked like? I know that some of the paintings here are of North Africans/Middle Easterners, but others clearly depict people born south of the Sahara. I've heard of Prester John but I never imagined that medieval Europeans were aware that Prester John would have had brown skin. Am I missing something?


Like. There are a lot of things I could say here. But I’m just going to do my best to answer your question, and the answer is either very simple or very complicated, depending on your current point of view.

1. “They” knew what people with brown skin looked like because people with brown skin had been there literally THE ENTIRE TIME. Some (and father back, ALL) of “them” had brown skin themselves.

2. “People with Brown Skin” and “Europeans” are not separate and mutually exclusive groups.

3. No matter how far back you go, the mythical time that you’re looking for, when all-white, racially and culturally isolated Europe was “real”, will continue to recede from your grasp until it winkles out the like imaginary place it is.

We can just keep going back. In every area, from all walks of life, rich and poor, kings and peasants, artists and iconoclasts, before there were countries and continents, before there were white people.

Russia, 1899:


Switzerland, c. 1800:  [fixed link here]


Netherlands, 1658:


Poland, 1539:


Germany, 1480s:


Spain, 1420s:


France, 1332:


Scotland, England, France, 1280s:


France, 1220s:


England, 1178:


Belgium, 1084:


Greece, c. 1000:


Spain, 850s:


Throughout Europe, 800s-500s:


England, c. 300 AD:


Scotland, c. 100 AD:



Italy, 79 AD:


Greece, 170 B.C.:


Greece, 300 B. C.:


Greece, 400s B.C.


Greece, 500s B.C.:


Egypt, 1200s B.C.:


Crete (Minoan), 1600 B.C.:


Crete (Minoan), early 2000s B.C.:


Romania, 34,000 B.C.:


The time when “EVERYONE” in Europe was White does not exist. They knew what people with brown skin looked like because they were there. They knew what “Africans” looked like because they were there, and they weren’t “they”, they were us, or you. I think what you’re missing is something that never existed.

The sun is yellow because our atmosphere reflects blue light. White - Blue = Yellow. So these are photos of how the sky looks from atmospheres that reflect either red light or green light.

Favorite Selfies of 2k13. 2014 shall be glorious. 

Megyn Kelly everyone. Feel Free to cyber bully her on twitter.


It is apparent that their is a social injustice in our current system. Even the state with the absolute lowest rate of incarceration for blacks (Hawaii 850 per 100K) is higher than the state with the absolute highest rate of incarceration for whites (Oklahoma 740 per 100K). Wallowing in this fact is useless. So what’s a possible resolve? 


This woman was recently incarcerated for stealing something like $20 M from the IRS. (Idk exactly how she did it… But she was getting BREAD) The most interesting fact about the article was that, “Tampa police were first alerted to the fraud in 2010 when they noticed a drop in drug dealing in the area.”  WHOA. So this means that according to police, If drugs aren’t being sold, then someone in the community must have more money than is usual… Thus, taking a chunk out of “black business.” 


A third article stated that Jews look at blacks as “liquid money”. That is, we spend our money at white-owned department stores, asian-owned hair and nail shops, arab-owned convenience stores and therefore the money just falls through our hands like liquid. The only “black businesses” we support are our local drug dealers….Thus, furthering our decline as a culture and inadvertently increasing our incarceration rates. So maybe… If we showed more support to our black owned stores, hair salons, restaurants, companies, etc… Our culture would develop as a whole financially. And there’s clearly a correlation between wealth and crime rates. Where there are more people in poverty, there are more people willing to do anything necessary to survive. Where there is more affluence, there tends to be more contentment and serenity. So how about we enrich eachother? It could all be so simple.

- Charity

TURN UP!!!! 

TURN UP!!!! 

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A Proverbial Thought

Projection. Or maybe perception. It’s hard to truly determine which one is most weighted. A person can choose to present himself to the world in any manner he or she chooses. But does that significantly affect the way in which they’re perceived. Albert Einstein once said, “There is no reality, only perception.” But what about projection? The ability to mold your perceived demeanor in a way that is consistently advantageous to your plans. When you do research on such thoughts, one site takes you to another site, then another, and then for whatever reason you’re on a mind control website suggesting that you should try MK ultra-programming to better your name in this world. My goals aren’t so sinister. But there’s an amazing since of worth felt when you are perceived the way you’d like to be. When you’re respected in society.

"A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold." - Proverbs 22:1

Maybe we should start projecting.

Are We Cells?

For some time, I’ve pondered a theory. (One that I thought was just my own.) This theory was that the earth, the galaxy, and the universe as a whole were all alive. When i say “alive” I don’t mean kind of like us… but exactly like us. We as humans are composed of cells. Cells that we do not consciously control. We do not mentally tell our red blood cells to flow, or our neurons to transmit commands to our nerve endings, or our white blood cells to fight diseases… They just… do it. Such facts led me to the thought of these cells having some form of consciousness. A white blood cell probably knows when it’s killing a foreign intruder in the body. That’s what it does. A scab probably knows when it’s growing to cover an open wound. That’s what it does. We did not tell it to do so. What if it told itself? I mean, because that was it’s job. He or she came from a long family lineage of scab cells and there was nothing he or she would’ve preferred than to continue the legacy of these great scabs of history that have made monumental contributions to this world they have called your body. Sometimes… when these scab cells don’t have wounds to heal… they stare out into “space” and see other bodies passing and wonder, “Is there life on other planets?” Or more so… are there cells on other bodies. The scab cells of course will never know, because they are but mere scab cells destined to cover wounds and then die. But the astronauts of this world known as mucous cells have learned how to propel themselves from the rocket propelling pad known as our nostrils and shoot themselves into the unknown vacuum of space to explore other bodies for evidence of intelligent life. These foreign planets often seem barren and uninhabited because 90% of the time these mucous cells land on cotton fabric and leather accessories and therefore never reach the eternally distant cell-inhabiting flesh of another body. So what if we humans are just mere cells of this Earth body? A completely conscious Earth that is aware of ailments and potential sickness… So when his cells are making his side itch he simply scratches himself. That of course would be tornadoes and hurricanes and earthquakes and all the things we refer to as “natural disasters” are simply the Earth trying to heal or at least coax himself from the cancerous cells in his body that are killing each other creating tumors of war and distress that obviously threaten his life. So how can we blame someone for going through a little chemotherapy to try to somehow fight for his life? 







American History 101

truth. i honestly dont give a rats ass if you unfollow me for this. learn the truth, sometimes the truth hurts. 


Reblogging for the gif about shrinking Native American territories. Just look at the huge difference between 1860 and 1870. In just ten years.

This is one of the best posts on Tumblr.

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Renisha Mcbride was a 19 year old Black Girl from Michigan. On November 2nd, she was involved in a terrible car crash but survived. After the accident, she ran to the nearest house looking for help because her phone had died. She knocked on the front door and was shot in the face with a shotgun by the White Homeowner. After the murder, No Charges have been pressed against the White shooter and it is being called a justified Killing. Several Police officers and the Shooter’s lawyer have said that “He acted Properly” in shooting her. Don’t ever be fooled into believing that Racism is over.

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Are you fucking kidding me?

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I envision life.

Life is white hot; A molten liquid pouring down from an enormous matte ladle.


Everything in this foundry of a universe is thereby directly affected by my existence. 

But i remain 1600 degrees of pure inertia, and any obstacle is as non-existent as the centrifugal force that twirled it in my direction.

More intense than the heat I emit, is my inevitable destiny.

A mold.

One that this foundry already had prepared for me when I was mere iron ore, yet knew that I would melt it into my own unique interpretation upon landing in it.

white turns red

red turns orange

orange turns yellow

yellow becomes strong

As the mold opens and steam escapes from the new found contact with cool air.

Out of the cloud, I emerge.

A unified creation of the foundry I was born to…. and my own.

I was my own child.


I never reblog ANYTHING… but this might be the realest thing I’ve ever seen on tumblr.

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Care Free Me.

This self-reflection.„ has already annoyed someone. And the fact that I just said it annoyed someone….probably annoyed them more. Because it’s more of the same. The same Gershon “cavalier-ing” through life with utter disregard to everything and everyone that does not immediately affect himself. But what about this moment. This moment of continuing to be viewed as the exact same careless irresponsible child he has been viewed as since actual childhood. Does this not affect me. It Does. Deeply. Harshly. The continued effort to become the man I see within the confines of my mind, being looked upon as not even a goal that’s really being aspired for. Just words. More of the same. Talk. Do you know how it feels to feel as though you’re trying your hardest, but to know that if you were trying your hardest then it would be apparent, so thereby getting slapped in the face by your obviously flawed meta-cognition. I still don’t care apparently. But I think I do. I feel as though I’m making serious effort towards it. But apparently not. Because if I were… it would be seen…. beyond the confines of my mind. It’s Painful. To see that you are your own demise. And feel as though you’re a mere bystander watching potential death. But then know that the gun is in your own hand and regardless of your incessantly insistent trigger finger, you still have four other fingers on that hand alone that can stop it. But they feel numb. So I guess now I’m just doing stretches and light jumpingjacks… in hopes of revitalizing my other four fingers… before I pull the trigger.


P.S. I plan on dropping the gun and then cutting off that finger… It’s never really been good for anything but pointing and shooting anyway